If you spend your days in front of a computer, then wearing computer glasses should be a priority of yours.

Just like you would protect your skin from the sun ray’s, you need to protect your eyes from the harsh, blue light and UV light that comes from the computer.

I Glass computer reading glasses protect your eyes against eye strain, fatigue and dry eyes. Spending much time in front of the computer can make your eyes really tired. Staying focused can make you forget to blink, which makes your eyes really dry and can be really damaging for them.

Benefits of the I Glass Wheel Roller

What does I Glass glasses do for you?

I Glass have special blue tint lens that protects the eyes from UV rays, blue lights, dry eyes, fatigue, blurred visions and others.

Versatile use

Computer glasses are not just for computer use. You can use them while you watch TV, play games and spend time on your smartphone.

Instant relief

Most adults spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I Glass glasses protect your eyes from the harsh rays while you do your job.

Long- term wear

I Glass are really light and with flexible frame. The material is durable and comfortable on wear. The casual frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish.

About our product


Computer reading glasses

Black frame

Protect your eyes against eye strain, fatigue and dry eyes

Anti UV rays

Anti- reflective

Comfortable fit

Enhance your visual appeal

Come with microfiber cleaning cloth bag

Price: 29.99 €

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